Friday, 10 June 2011

I wondered how to let XFCE look like CDE... Here it is my result after two days configuring XFCE. No programming needed. Icons are from The graphics drawer icon is made by me.

If someone knows how to export XFCE settings (which files), tell me. I could then attach it here.

here is the archive containing "~/.config/xfce4" with all settings: xfce-cde-20110611.tar.gz

and here are the icons: xfce-cde-icons-20110611.tar.gz


  1. This is great! I came across this blog while following a thread found while doing a search for CDE icons (for Windows actually).
    I miss the old CDE look of Xfce in recent years. With this info I just
    may give it a try on my Debian system (which has MaXX Desktop for that IRIX feel).
    I just love the pre-eyecandy (nee ugly) look of past desktops.
    Even two of my Windows XP machines have an OPENSTEP look.
    Good work.

  2. Very neat ! Thank you for sharing your work !
    PS : what do you use for the CDE-like dock at the bottom of your screen ?

  3. it is the XFCE panel with changed settings.

  4. Hi Are you still using your theme? I can't seem to get the window decorations....

  5. How would you apply it to windows?

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